Synergy Protocol: The unity in a set of regulations.


Yes, dear readers, we are talking about yet another Dutch female fronted metal band. But… this time we are talking about a truely progressive metal band with an 80’ies twist. Unlike so many other female fronted bands these days, Synergy Protocol first and foremost affiliates with bands like Dream Theater, Symphony X and Queensrÿche.


So how is that progressive?

Well, the music contains a lot of stuff that makes it more complicated than absolutely necessary, like many, many, many signature changes, vocal harmonies and enchanting melodies. We don’t really know what is progressive about that, but that is how they call it anyway. The definition of metal is a lot easier: the distorted guitars are usually loud!

The 80’ies twist comes from early influences like Iron Maiden, Queen, Toto, Metallica and Rush.

This is what clearly distinguishes the band from others.


With their first singer Synergy Protocol released their first demo in February 2014 and has performed over 40 shows all over the Netherlands, amongst others as a support for Stream of Passion and Vulture Industries on the main stages of De Boerderij and P60. They always manage to leave the audience with a smile on their face, due the humourous and unforgettable live-performance, which reputation is spreading fast understandibly.


The first half of 2016 was mainly spent recording the first full-length, and maybe even more, CD. The CD is scheduled to be released shortly after summer 2016. Plans are to accompany this with an extensive tour abroad.


Meanwhile they keep striving for entertaining as many people as possible all over the world, whether it is at festivals, clubshows or support slots.


Hence: Synergy Protocol!

Press quotes:


"They managed to bring progressive metal to a whole new level... The way they put the lyrics over the music shows great potential. Besides the technical part of the music, the show was done very well as well. Each band member knows how to perform on stage and they even had some choreography" Dennis Winkel - Metal Nation Radio


“I can easily summarize in one word: Beautiful! For what I’ve heard so far makes me dying for more, so Synergy Protocol: When will the CD be released? As these 3 songs are a compulsory purchase on its own!” Richard Snijder - Metal from NL


“Actually this cup of progressiveness tastes rather well: playful guitar parts, dreamy and melodic synths and Laura, who sings very well throughout. Excellent prog, a story that runs deeper on quite a few occasions.” Yves Pelgrims -


“We hear a lifely band that plays complex heavy metal with a severe progressive edge to it. Influences from eighties metal bands, combined with heavier modern day progressive bands and of course gothic influences as a female fronted band.” Mario van Os -