Synergy Protocol: The unity in a set of regulations.


Yes, dear readers, we are talking about a Dutch metal sensation. But… a progressive metal sensation. Progressive, because the music contains a lot of stuff that makes it more complicated than absolutely necessary. We don’t really know what is progressive about that, but that is how they call it anyway. And metal, as the guitars are usually loud.


The set of regulations evolve out of various influences, tastes, qualities and ages: Wim, bass player, is the founding member and has been terrorizing European stages ever since the eighties as the party animal from Jewel. Somewhere in the previous century he had a slumbering ambition to shape his primal love: the progressive metal. Songs emerging from his twisted mind date back to 1990, but attempts to form a solid band ended up solely with the best intentions. Around 2004 there was a Synergy Protocol, version 1, shortly SP1, but that wasn’t meant to last very long. Hence, the incubation period got longer and longer, until he met guitarist/vocalist Maarten Heeringa, also called Big M, in 2006. Big M was immediately blown away by the twisted brainfarts that Wim so persistently kept describing as “songs”. But OK, so now Wim has found a soulmate, but what can two elderly youngsters accomplish in progmetal?


The years to follow were filled with writing and arranging songs and a quest for the right musicians. This turned out not to be easy! Ranging from drummers that thought they invented an entirely new counting system, - where the rest of the world has adapted the regular metric system for several millenia quite succesfully -, through guitarists that traded their guitar for a baby, to lady singers that made Big M shout a blunt and totally anti musical “Fuck the system”, none of them a big success. In complete despair the guys tried to catch the big names in the small Dutch circuit, which didn’t bring much prosperity either: big names are always busy, where not so big names do not know how to get employed. Frequently the guys have looked at each other: “Are we really the only ones liking this kind of stuff?” rapidly followed by a convincing: “Nooooo, let's persist in what we’re doing”.


Early 2013 the guys decided to put a somewhat grotesque ad on a musicsite, that went broke shortly after; no apparent relation between the two however. A number of people reacted. But the only one that really drew attention was Patrick van Mourik. Any reservations Wim and Big M had (“Mmm, he is a bit young” and “Mmm, he lives on the other side of the country”) were rapidly abandoned for pragmatic reasons and the first contact was made. Patrick turned out to be a very modest, very flexible, but most of all extremely capable drummer. And from his previous band he would bring along an excellent guitarist that would also sing when he was asked to do so: Mark Roelofs. What a catch!



The first audition was a huge relief: these guys knew their stuff and could even play it! Wow, they really exist! You’re hired! When can you start? How much do you want to get paid? O no, forget about that last remark… Anyway: suddenly the band was twice as big!


Of course music is great, but it is only finished if there is a melody, preferably produced by a human voice (f/m). Laura Guldemond filled in the band's first need and in the 18 months she took care of the vocals the band developped by playing over 40 live shows, amongst which a 9 consecutive nights tour in the UK and shows in P60 (Amstelveen) and De Boerderij (Zoetermeer), as a support for Stream of Passion.


After her sudden and unexpected departure the band had to work hard to find a new vocalist and succeeded to do so by appreciating the unrevealed talent of Laura Martínez, formerly lead singer in the amazing Spanish Progressive Metal band 'Shadows Theory'. In her quest for new opportunities she left her roots behind and came to The Netherlands to develop herself as a vocalist through taking private jazz singing lessons to pursue her aspirations and reach her goals. Meanwhile Synergy Protocol is very proud and incredibly excited to continue as a genuine international band and will strive for entertaining as many people as possible all over the world.


Shortly after summer 2016 the band will release their first full length debut with Stijn Donders as sound engineer and inspirator in Studio Plug-Unit and will keep on performing, both in The Netherlands, but also very much abroad. Full speed ahead!


The band invites everyone to experience this fascinating soundcloud from tranquility to dynamite, facilitated by intriguing compositions, well balanced arrangements, vocal harmonies, lyrical atmospheric images, catchy melodies, excellent musicianship and most of all: huge, huge amounts of fun, by visiting one of our live shows.


Hence: Synergy Protocol!