Wim Smits





Biography: After seeing his brother play guitar at the age of 15, Wim wanted to play the drums. Due to a hard parental NO GO he went for the rythmically most related second choice: bass guitar. His first bands (Niggler and Elixer) derived from the early eighties.


After serving the army he was asked to join Sword, which later on became Jewel. In 1991 he left Jewel and joined Zarathustra. In that band he developed his interest for progressive music and explored his writing skills, which soon turned out to be too difficult for his new band Roofcake. Therefore he founded Synergy Protocol V1.0 in 1997. Many musicians came and went, but being finally complete, a mere 2 years later in 2005 they broke up. From then until 2013 Synergy Protocol toggled between project and band. In the meantime he joined the IBM music project Hoax, Cristal Clear and worked in vain on the resurrection of Zarathustra. But always writing more and more progressive music every day.


Influences: Toto, Anastacia, Dream Theater, Rammstein